Pretty sparse about page. I spread some details on https://en.gravatar.com/fsmontenegro, but basically I’m a long-time security professional with a history of working at vendors, either as a professional services resource or as a sales engineer.

I shouldn’t have to mention it, but opinions here are my own, not of any employer or association I may be a member of.

Why I choose to blog

I strongly believe in self-improvement, self-education. This blog is an attempt at tracking some information and sharing with others. I hope it helps…

Also, I want to participate in the broader conversations we’re having. That being said, there’s a lot of content out there on the topics I feel like writing about. One of my fears is that anything I write will not be of use to people, since there is likely better content out there. Bear with me…

Still, I don’t know of another way to participate in the discussion: commenting on existing posts only goes so far, and there’s times when I want to take the topic in a different direction than the post I’m commenting on…

What I promise is this: I’ll dutifully cite other content I think relevant, keep an open mind to feedback (particularly pointing me to areas of improvement), and always be respectful to commenters, sources and, hopefully, English grammar 🙂 (‘English not first language’ warning applies here…)

I love quotes. Two that resonate really well with me are:

“Per ardua, ad astra” (motto of the Royal Air Force)
“Don’t wish it was easier, wish you were better” (Jim Rohn, motivational speaker).

If you need to reach me, just try one of the many social networks, or email.


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